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Information about KnightNames (Usernames) in WWK Community

» Information about KnightNames (Usernames) in WWK Community
KnightName (username) is used to log you in our community. It also identifies you in the entire community as your profile, your messages and everything about you in our site will be published under this name of yours.

Our members choose his username during the registration and it can not be changed later by the member. We prefer not change this name unless our member has an important and compelling reason so it should be selected carefully in the registration.

Knightnames can have alphanumeric characters that is letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. They can also include . (dot), space, _ (underscore). But they can not include other characters (like *?/+%'"!@,;: etc.) and also not not include non-english letters from other alphabets.

We expect our members to choose appropriate usernames that fits with our site principals and guidelines. Since this is a community of good people all around the world who tries to live by the honourary rules of World Wide Knights, we don't condone inappropriate usernames like "baby killer", "The Criminal", "Devil Lord", "SexSlave" etc.

WWK administration reserves its right to reject member applications that involves such usernames and also has anytime change the username of any member without prior notice.
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