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What's it with the Knight and Mediaval Theme in our site? Are we an Medieval/Chivalry focused organization?

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We realize that when a visitor lands in our website for the first time, she might have a wrong impression of our being a Middle Ages Interest community due to the theme we are using in our website.

But as a matter of fact, we are not such a community at all! Our community is just about "being good", and making a lifestyle to follow virtues like Honour, Justice, Friendliness, Courtesy and Wisdom. We don't actually have anything to do with real Knights, Medieval times, Middle Ages or Chivalry.

However we still use "knight" concept in our community as a "site theme" and for fun and motivation! Most of the virtues like Honour, Justice, Friendliness, Courtesy, Wisdom, Integrity have deep roots from knighthood times so using this theme in our site just sounds appropriate and fun to us.

It is also true that most of our principals are inspired by the honourary code of ancient Knights and some even can just be considered as the modern versions of some ancient Knight code which are adapted to the modern world of 2000s. Therefore it would also be accurate to resemble our community as a "Knighthood Organization of the Modern Times" as as we try to live a honorable lifestyle by following honorable virtues similiar to what ancient Knights once did.

So in this context, we call our ourselves "Knights", our site "The Castle" and we spread knightly elements and language all over our community.

But our main focus is still being a "good people" (and in modern times too!), and we are not a medieval focused community.

So the main reason of our "knightly theme"'s existence in our community is just for fun and motivation, nothing more.
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