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Welcome to the Castle of World Wide Knights in which Honour, Justice, Wisdom, Courtesy, Bravery, Friendliness and other knightly virtues rule as our Life Style! Are these virtues important in your life too? You are invited to join our community and become a World Wide Knight!

What's Our Site Principals and Member Requirements?

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  • WorldWideKnights embraces everybody who tries to make following virtues like Honour, Justice, Wisdom, Friendliness, Courtesy a life style, so is "good/benevolent" in nature. We do not require or focus on excellence and perfection as we acknowledge human beings have faults. So even if you are not "good enough", you are welcomed if you struggle to be.
  • We have very little tolerance to trolls, rudeness, profanity, unacceptable behaviour or anything that challenges our knighly virtues and principals in our community due to our site characteristics. We try to provide a peaceful, kind, polite, respectful and friendly enviroment for our members who obviously deserve such a community.
  • Instead of emphasaising just "major favors", we try to embrace every kind of good behaviour even if they are tiny and minor. We encourage our members to do something good everyday even if they are negligible.
  • We try to build and spread our very own "spreading the good" concept.
  • We expect our members to be "good" to others, be friendly, respectful and polite in their communication with other members, follow site rules and respect our site principals and virtues we follow.
Anybody who respects our principals is very welcomed to join our community. And needless to say it is free too!

If you try to live by the rules of virtues like Honour, Justice, Friendliness, Respect, Wisdom, Courtesy, Integrity, Trustywortiness, Decency, you are invited to be a World Wide Knight!
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