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When was innocence lost? (poem) When was innocence lost? (poem)

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Default When was innocence lost? (poem)

When was innocence lost?
When did illusion take over?

When I was a child -
space and time were infinite,
tomorrow was next year,
the backyard – an entire universe

Money had no value,
nor did fame, land or other objects of desire
Access I had to entire worlds
All contained within the realm of my imagination

Puddles were exotic oceans,
awaiting to be explored…
Floating woodchips and leafs –
brigades and ships,
small stones and pecan nuts –
admirals and armies of soldiers…

Daydreaming was a mysterious endless journey.
Exciting geographical expeditions and wars were cut short,
upon mom’s call for dinner.

When was innocence lost?
When did this worldly illusion take over?

New York, Jan 2007
(c)2007, Ronen Divon. All Rights Reserved.
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