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Films and Movies about Knights and Mediaval Times Films and Movies about Knights and Mediaval Times

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Default Films and Movies about Knights and Mediaval Times

ok there is no movies about World Wide Knights (yet!)

Until then shall we discuss films and movies about mediaval times knights? Here is a list of such movies I could remember:

We have EXCALIBUR (1981, IMDB rating 7.4) which pictures the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

And 2 versions of famous Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail (1996, IMDB rating 8.7) and its original 1975 version (IMDB rating 8.5) should be mentioned.

Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven is a recent movie (2005) so I believe most people will remember.

Timeline which was also a novel of famous Michael Crichton, is also one of my favorites. It tells a time travel story in which a group of archaeological students travel to 14th century France and find themselves in the mediaval times with their only hope of survive is their knowledge about middle age times. Was an excellent story altough movie was not that successful.

From old movies, I recall THE BLACK KNIGHT (1954), KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1954), PRINCE VALIANT (1954), CAMALOT (1967).

Martin Lawrence's 2001 version of Black Knight was more like a comedy film and it got a bad rating in IMDB (4.1) but frankly speaking I liked it.

Anything you have to add to this list?
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Default Re: Films and Movies about Knights and Mediaval Times

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