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Welcome to the Castle of World Wide Knights in which Honour, Justice, Wisdom, Courtesy, Bravery, Friendliness and other knightly virtues rule as our Life Style! Are these virtues important in your life too? You are invited to join our community and become a World Wide Knight!

Hello Knights Hello Knights

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Default Hello Knights

Hello to the World Wide Knights! I'm Kathy, friend to the keykeeper of the castle.

Looks great Logician!

BTW, the link in the "welcome message".....Oh NO, you still have no posts!

Being a World Wide Knight now, we are awaiting your contribution to the community Please read here for some starters and hints!

Has a broken link in the "read here" for starters and hints.
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Default Re: Hello Knights

Register to Read !
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Default Re: Hello Knights

Register to Read !
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