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How to Open a New Thread in the forum. How to Open a New Thread in the forum.

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Default How to Open a New Thread in the forum.

This is one of the most asked question so here is the hints for new members to demonstrate how they can open a new thread in the forum:

To open a new thread, you must first choose the correct forum that is relevant to your thread's subject. So for instance if you want to have a suggestion about something in your life, the relevant forum will be our INSPIRE ME forum, if you want to talk about a charity event, it should be CHARITY TALK forum and if you want to open a thread that does not fit to any of the existing forum subjects, it should go into Community Lounge forum.

To find the relevant forum, first visit our forum home page here:

In that forum you are going to see names of all existing forums together with their descriptions so you can decide which forum fits best to your thread's content. When you find it, just click on its name and you'll be taken inside this forum in which the existing threads of it are listed. In that page, you'll see a button that says OPEN NEW DISCUSSION IN THIS FORUM and if you click on it, you'll be taken an interface in which you can enter the subject and content of your post and after filling it and clicking to SUBMIT, your thread will be created in that very forum.

Problems? Questions? Please click REPLY in this screen and post it in this thread and I'l be delighted to help!
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Default Re: How to Open a New Thread in the forum.

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