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Still 0 posts? Come on.. :) Still 0 posts? Come on.. :)

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Default Still 0 posts? Come on.. :)

This is a common problem in all internet bulletin boards. A visitor finds the community interesting and appealing and registers, then just reads without posting anything and joining to any conversations.

It is only normal when the new member prefers to read and get familiar with the community in the very begining of her registration but it is not that normal when the "new member" becomes an "old member" but still has 0 posts!

ok let's be frank : I can understand that you don't post in some communities, you just digest the information they have but don't want to deal with its patrons by contributing to discussions. But in World Wide Knights, this wouldn't be an excuse as we are one of the most friendly community in the internet!

So please don't be shy! You are now officially an "World Wide Knight" and our community needs your contribution to excel. Please surf on the discussions and conversations our bulletin board hosts and feel free to add your own comments whenever you think you can enhance the discussion. You don't find any interesting topic to contribute? No problem, then you can always start one in the relevant forum!

So maybe you don't know where you can start from? I guess I can still help by kindly asking you to create a new thread in Welcome to Our New Members Forum and say a few words about yourself so that our community can welcome you!

Come on now, don't stay with that gloomy "0 posts" label, we are awaiting for your contribution!
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