Welcome to the Castle of World Wide Knights in which Honour, Justice, Wisdom, Courtesy, Bravery, Friendliness and other knightly virtues rule as our Life Style! Are these virtues important in your life too? You are invited to join our community and become a World Wide Knight!

Information about WorldWideKnights.com Registration:
Thank you for considering being a "World Wide Knight!", we are very excited and honoured to welcome you in our Community! (That is 'Our Castle') :-)

WorldWideKnights.com is a community of people who believe in good virtues like Honour, Justice, Friendliness, Courtesy, Wisdom and try to make it a Lifestyle to follow these good virtues in our daily lifes of the modern world (Learn more about our community). We are a FREE community (registration here is also free) which is open to EVERYONE who respects our code and virtues and wants to enjoy the honourable life style and friendly, inspiring, supportive, helpful, polite enviroment of our community and fellow "Knights". We have members from all over the world from every profession, sex, age and nationality.

We are NOT a Mediaval Knights/Middle Age Times interest community and we use this "Knightly Theme" in our community just for fun and motivation. (More info about our theme). NOR are we a religious (or anti-religious) based community and as a matter of fact, we, as a community, try to stay NEUTRAL for any religious beliefs of our members. (More info about our stance for religion). Likewise we are NOT related to any particular country, nation, ideology or political movement.

Please filll the form below to proceed with the registration. If you have further questions, you can read more about our community in our Help and Information page or just contact us for more info.

World Wide Knights Site Registration Form
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In addition, you may set the appropriate option to allow for daylight savings time in your part of the world.
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Your favorite books and authors
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